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There comes a time in life when you cannot avoid moving your home or office. The process of moving can be hard especially if you have not planned for it well. Most people prefer to go for moving companies because of the convenience that comes with hiring these services. You will be able to continue with other important things in life as the moving company takes care of your moving needs.  

Anteaters Moving Company is the best Irvine moving company in the region. The company has been serving clients with a high level of diligence for several years. Some of the services that we provide include residential moving, commercial moving, storage services, packing services, long distance moving, local moving, furniture delivery & setup. Anteaters Moving Company remains to be the best moving company in Orange County.

Delivering Quality Services

There are several elements that make us standout in the market. The first one is the level of flexibility that we provide to our clients. We serve both residential and commercial customers in the region. The team will help you to both to a new home or office. The company will help you to move whether you are going for a long distance or a short distance. We have no restriction with regard to the moving distance. The company has all it takes to move your assets from one place to the other.

The Right Moving Equipment

Our brand has invested heavily in the right moving equipment. We have different sizes of trucks and we will choose one depending on the size of your luggage. The company has maintained the trucks quite well and hence you cannot expect any kind of breakages. We also have the right packaging equipment for your assets. The company has well-insulated boxes for carrying the delicate items like the electronics. Our main intention is to make sure that your delicate items are safe during transit. You can be sure that there will be no damages or breakages on your property during transit. We will make sure that your property reaches to the desired destination in a safe manner.

Feel at Ease by Choosing Our Company

Our company is fully insured and this protects all the goods that are under transit. In case there are any losses, you can be sure that the insurance company will meet the cost. Thus, you will be sure that your goods have maximum protection while on transit and in storage. You should never go for a company that is not insured to transport your luggage. In addition to the insurance, we also have the required license to run the business. Therefore, you can be sure that we have your interests at heart. Anteaters Moving Company has met all the requirements that are required to run a moving company. Therefore, you can trust us with the moving of your precious luggage.

In case you need some temporary storage when your goods are in transit, you can be sure that we will provide the desired storage space. We have enough space that will securely store your items till you are ready. Our insurance also covers the goods that are under storage. Anteaters Moving Company offers the best moving services in Orange County at the most competitive rates in the market. The company has a lot of experience in moving a broad range of products.

We have a flexible pricing system and hence will charge you according to the size of your luggage and your moving distance. Our crew will also help you to load and offload your package. Upon delivery, we can also help you to arrange your furniture.

Moving Services

Here is a brief description of the services that we provide to our esteemed clients. All who have used our services will confirm that we offer a hassle-free moving experience. You will have the desired peace of mind once you trust us with your moving needs.

Residential Moving

Are you planning to move from your current house to a new one? One of the things that could be stressing you may be how you will move your things. Some things like electronics may be delicate and can get destroyed during transit. You may also break some of your glass furniture and utensils during the process of transportation. The best way to eliminate these risks is by hiring our residential moving services. One such Moving Company that does a great job like us is Hefty Movers. We will guarantee you a hassle-free process of moving from one home to another. In case your new home is not ready, we will offer you temporary storage for your luggage. For us, the most important thing is to make sure that you are getting excellent services from us. Your household items will arrive to the desired destination on time and you should not expect any delays. We deliver what we promise and you can trust our word on this.

Commercial Moving

There are so many people who are moving from one office to another. The main reason for this is that your business needs keep on changing. Maybe you want a more specious space or want to cut down on the rent amount by going for a smaller and more affordable room. The most important thing when moving an office is to get a reliable partner. Anteaters Moving Company is your number one choice when looking for moving services in Orange county. We will help you transfer all your office furniture and machines to the new place in a safe manner. We will also make sure that your precious data and documents are well preserved during transit. The crew will make sure that your furniture is well arranged in the new office upon request.

Storage Services

Storage is one of the most important services that we provide to our esteemed clients. As you move your items, the new home or office may not be ready for occupation. Anteaters Moving Company is a great brand because we will provide the much required storage services. We will keep your items safely until you are ready to continue with the moving process. The beauty of it is that your goods are under insurance when under our storage. This is not a service that you will get everywhere. We want to make sure that your items are protected when under our storage. We have enough space to store any amount of luggage. Your goods will be safe since we store and lock them indoors. Safety and security come top on our priority list when storing your items.

Packing Services

Packaging is one of the most tedious task during any moving exercise. The process is labor intensive and hence will want a lot of labor. Anteaters Moving Company crew is large enough to package all your items. We will also handle your stuff with a lot of care and hence there is nothing to worry about. The team will make sure that nothing breaks or gets damage during the packaging. We also have enough poxes and parcels for packaging your goods. If you are dealing with electronics or glass wears, we have cushioned boxes to guarantee you maximum safety. You can have the guarantee of getting the best packaging services from our brand.

Long Distance Moving 

Apart from local moving, we also offer long distance moving services. The company has well maintained tracks that will take you to any place. Don’t expect any kind of breakages when dealing with Anteaters Moving Company. Your goods will always arrive as per the schedule even though you are moving the for long distances. The advantage with our company is that we charge fair prices for the long distance moving. We have reliable long distance drivers who will deliver your goods safely.

Local Moving

Local moving is rampant within Orange County. Anteaters Moving Company is the most popular company if you are looking for these services. We are very prompt when you book our services for local moving. It does not matter whether you are moving your residence or office. We will evaluate your needs and give you a free quotation. No moving assignment is too small or big for our company. We will serve you irrespective of your moving needs. We have the right trucks and parking equipment to handle all your local moving needs. 

Furniture Delivery & Setup

Once we deliver your furniture, we will help you with the set up upon request. We will not just dump your items in the new space. Our desire is to leave your new office or home in an organized manner. The team will help you arrange your furniture as per your desired plan. This exercise can be quite costly if you allow third parties to help you with it. However, now that we have been involved in the moving process, you can be sure of saving a lot of cash. We have a highly skilled crew that will not hesitate to arrange your office or home furniture in the best way possible.

Best Moving Company in Orange County

Anteaters Moving Company remains to be the best moving company in Orange County. The company offers a broad range of moving services including commercial and residential moving. We have the right trucks and packing equipment for any kind of moving needs. Therefore, we will carry all your luggage irrespective of the distance. Our company offers both local and long distance moving services to our esteemed clients.

All said and done, Anteaters Moving Company remain to be the best moving company in Orange County. The region has several moving companies but none beats us when it comes to service delivery. Our company offers both residential and commercial moving services. We also offer both long and short distance moving services. We have put enough security measures to make sure that your precious items will be delivered in a safe state. The other beauty with our moving services is that we will always arrive on time. Don’t expect any delays or inconveniences when you entrust us with your moving needs.

Call us today at 949-656-3668 for your free estimates and you will discover that we offer the best rates for high quality services.